Bioware Actually Did It - Mass Effect 3’s Ending Altered in...

Bioware Actually Did It - Mass Effect 3’s Ending Altered in Extended Cut

An ending holds quite a lot of power.  No matter how varied, how intense, or how good the journey was, a bad ending is strong enough to vaporize those experiences and replace them with the morning-breath taste of disappointment.

Such was exactly the case with Bioware’s closing chapter of the sci-fi odyssey that is Mass Effect.  I don’t need to get into why the ending was bad.  For as divergent and unique the paths our Shepards blazed, we remain united in our stance that the endings provided sucked.  It was about the only time a Return of the King, week long epilogue was acceptable.  Now, Bioware is working around the clock to, surprisingly, bring us additional content sort of along those lines.

Simply dubbed Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, the DLC is planned for all platforms over the summer and comes with additional scenes and narrative to compliment your final choice in the game.  Bioware promises the Extended Cut will offer even more clarity and insights while managing to stay faithful to the development team’s vision.  Mass Effect producer Casey Hudson believes the content presents the ending “in a way that will feel more personalized for each player."  In another bow to fan service, the content is downloadable for free.

If done right, Bioware, this could mark the end of the vehement bitching that has ensued since last month.  Mass Effect 3 left me with more questions than I can ask (most notably, what the hell happened to my team?!), let’s hope Bioware is careful with their answers.  This can easily be more of everything we don’t want out of this game – reworking endings is volatile work, after all.  But for many fans, this is our only shot at closure.

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