Borderlands 2 Sixth Character is a “Reformed” Bandit Not content...

Borderlands 2 Sixth Character is a “Reformed” Bandit

Not content with allowing one spec of dust to hit your copy of loot happy FPS, Gearbox is giving players a new reason to tour Pandora.

Meet your new Vault Hunter: Krieg the Psycho.  Once apart of the psycho bandits roaming the terrain of Pandora – you know, the shouting creeps you have so much fun shooting at – Krieg is an escaped experiment with a love for melee combat.  Controlling him is a game of risk versus reward, where charging the front lines and getting up close and personal to crack enemy skulls actually heals Krieg.

Krieg’s skill trees, below, serve to endorse his unusual and  fantastically brutal play style:

  • Bloodlust: Combat bonuses are alotted for melee kills using your Buzz Axe.
  • Hellborn: Ups fire damage and, incredibly, increases lethality when you’re on goddamn fire.
  • Mania: Take damage and your damage output is bolstered.

This badass addition to the game’s roster will cost you $10 when he arrives as DLC sometime in May.  While Krieg doesn’t seem to be included with the Borderlands 2 Season Pass, a confirmed fourth campaign add-on (scheduled for June) is.

Watch the Playable Psycho Bandit’s Announcement Trailer hereabouts.

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