Bungie’s Destiny: Concept Designs and Plot Details Revealed...

Bungie’s Destiny: Concept Designs and Plot Details Revealed

Thanks to leaked concept art and promotional details dropped IGN’s way, the world now has its first ever-so-small glimpse at Bungie’s next engrossing epic, Destiny.  We’re still only privy to the roughest notion at what kind of game Destiny is intended to be – educated guesses and rumor mongering suggest the game to be, naturally, a shooter and that there may be a serious emphasis on co-op multiplayer – but we now at least know to expect a futuristic sci-fi setting that’s set to rival the grandiosity of Bungie’s own efforts on the Halo series.

Set seven hundred years into our future, mankind’s Golden Age in the cosmos has come and gone, leaving behind only one refuge, the “Last City on Earth” and last place humanity resides.  Hovering above the city is a gigantic, Moon-like ship referred to in the leaked documents as “The Traveler."  No one knows where the alien ship is from or even why it looms above them but the city’s inhabitants perceive it as a protector.

A new threat is posed in the form of bizarre creatures "from the edge of the universe” attempting to seize and overtake the Last City and wipe out what’s left of humankind.  That’s where the “Knights” come in – or, rather, where you, the player, comes in.  It’s your job to face this oncoming wave of extinction, discover its source, and put a stop to it before human existence is brought to an unceremonious end.

The leaked info IGN reported seems to be a mix of official artwork done internally at Bungie while the rest are confirmed by the developer to be mock-ups handled by an outside advertising agency.  One such mock-up is a Destiny logo (seen above) stamped with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 logos, which shows intent to release the game as a multiplatform title.

Despite admitting to the documents’ legitimacy, Bungie lamented on their own site that they “weren’t quite ready” to show off Destiny (though they kindly provided an official piece of concept art for your eyes to feast on anyway, because that’s the kind of upstanding folks they are).  “We can’t wait to finally show you what we’ve really been up to,” said Bungie.  “There’s much more to come.”

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