Capcom Details Resident Evil 6 Post Launch DLC With the...

Capcom Details Resident Evil 6 Post Launch DLC

With the shamefully addictive Mercenaries Mode unlocked from the start, the unlockable Agent Hunt that puts human players in control of mutating J'avo, and three whole campaigns that support constant co-op, there’s already enough multiplayer content to keep fans sated for the rest of the year.

But to hell with that.  RE6 sees fit to add three more multiplayer modes to the fray that will be available to download after the game’s October 2nd launch.  They’re decidedly competitive modes, so leave your motherly inclination to protect the pack at the door and trade it up for a killer’s instinct.

Survivors Mode - A versus mode that can be tackled in free-for-all or in teams, the wild card is played once you go down.  You’ll then be respawned as genetic aberrations capable of attacking human players.  Kill two humans, you’ll be reborn as one once more.  Last man or team standing takes the match.

Predator Mode - One player controls the Tyrant-like Ustanak as a team of humans is tasked with putting the B.O.W. in the ground.  The strategy here is easy: kill or be killed.  Of course, if the Ustanak proves too difficult, it may be wiser to wait out the clock…

Siege Mode - Human players are required to defend an NPC from the tentacled onslaught of the opposing team.  If the heroes are able to defend their two-legged flag long enough, they win.  Otherwise, don’t get too attached to that NPC.

All three DLC multiplayer modes will use the on-disc Mercenaries maps as battlegrounds and will expand as more maps become available for download.  Pricing and release details are still to come.

[Sorry, PlayStation faithful, Microsoft has scored this DLC content as a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360.]

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