Cave Johnson Wants You to Pull Off the Greatest Con in the...

Cave Johnson Wants You to Pull Off the Greatest Con in the Multiverse

With trailers such as this brimming with quality at every seam, it really is a wonder why Valve doesn’t go after producing their own short (or long) films based on beloved properties instead of fans hefting the duties (like this intrepid soul).

Aperture’s own Cave Johnson wants PC and Mac users to harness the free power of the Perpetual Testing Initiative (PeTI) for Portal 2.  Essentially, Aperture needs your custom tailored test chambers and, more importantly, your free labor.  What do you get in return?  Instead of dealing with the fuss of downloading hard to find puzzles, PeTI content will be easily accessible on the Steam Workshop, allowing users to install test chambers directly from their web browser.

If others’ creative sadism isn’t enough, Valve’s Puzzle Maker makes it as simple as possible to generate more closely controlled chaos for users to download and enjoy straight from your mind, into their hard drives.  You can get a hold of PeTI and get testing on May 8th.

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