Comic-Con Drops a New Resident Evil: Damnation Trailer The...

Comic-Con Drops a New Resident Evil: Damnation Trailer

The feature length CGI horror film has emerged from the dark recesses of Capcom’s development pool and has returned bearing a new trailer for your eyeballs.  A sequel to the solidly crafted Resident Evil: Degeneration, Damnation stars series regular Leon S. Kennedy as he fights to rid the Earth of an endless sea of lickers (that’s not the official plot synopsis but, uh, hey, close enough).

We also catch a peek at Ada Wong – another main cast member from October’s RE6 – and a mysterious man who just can’t stop messing around with those “things” (speculation  says it might be a returning but underused character, I just think he’s a new face).  Plus, at the very end of the trailer, we’re privy to an off-screen female voice shouting for Leon in a way I’ve ever only heard one blonde commit to.

Capcom promises Damnation is coming soon to both DVD and Blu-Ray, so our questions won’t have long to live.  Degeneration has to be my favorite of the Resident Evil film offerings – even if it veered into cheeseball territory here and there.  I’m curious to see if the sequel’s story ties into RE6 at all and, more importantly, I wonder if Leon’s imaculate chin stubble will pave the way for a better film than the original (I’m betting yes).

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