Dead Space 3: Co-op, Weapons, and More Detailed in Possible Info...

Dead Space 3: Co-op, Weapons, and More Detailed in Possible Info Leak

IGN has cracked open a planet’s worth of potential details regarding Visceral Games’ next Dead Space (which, for posterity’s sake, we’ll assume is Dead Space 3).  Citing a dependable source, the following list of deets further reinforces the rumors of a deserted tundra planet as a setting and the implementation of co-op throughout the story.

The original article goes in depth on the leaked information, but feel free to peruse the narrowed down list of notables below:

  • Isaac Clarke returns to tangle with the vicious necromorphs, crash landing on an icy wasteland of a world where he discovers a mysterious facility.  This time he’s joined by a fellow RIG wearing man who serves as a sort of guide in single-player and is controllable in co-op.
  • Speaking of, the game features drop-in, drop out co-op.
  • You and your co-op partner can share inventory items as well as heal one another – though there is no revive system, meaning dead is dead.
  • The story changes slightly to accommodate two players (usually plugging in your partner in moments where there would just be Isaac if you play solo).
  • Work benches from previous games have been reconfigured to an unknown extent, but their effect will give you drastically different alt. fire modes for even once familiar weapons like the infamous Plasma Cutter.
  • Isaac is still afflicted by those bug-shit crazy hallucinations.
  • Your maneuverability sees new additions including the ability to crouch in order to harness cover and a new dodge mechanic that allows you to roll out of harm’s way.
  • Isaac is “more nimble in the cold”…for whatever the hell reason.
  • In a series first, you’ll fight humans as well as necromorphs.  Be wary, as the very same humans can still become necromorhps.  You’ll also want to throw some concern over to the skyscraper-tall beasts (like giant sandworms) roaming about.

I’ve got to say, it all sounds pretty darned feasible.  And what with the way rumors nowadays seem to blossom into beautiful, shiny facts, I’d be none too surprised to see all of this confirmed at the E3 reveal for the game.  Hell, I want all this to be real.  Co-op Dead Space where Isaac gets to roll around in the snow fighting necrotic thresher maws?  I’m insulted this hasn’t been pitched to me already.

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