Dead Space 3 Demo Hitting Consoles Next Month Taking into...

Dead Space 3 Demo Hitting Consoles Next Month

Taking into consideration most people are lounging around their homes amongst confidants and family alike, bellies stretched by a lethal combination of rum doused eggnog and honey glazed ham (because fuck you if it’s not honey glazed), video game news is on the thin this week.

But, alas, a blip on the radar comes courtesy of Visceral Games’ third bout of sci-fi horror in Dead Space 3, which will be seeing a playable public demo next month, available for download from both PSN and XBLA on January 22nd.  Dead Space 3 will be the first installment in the franchise to feature multiplayer within its story campaign, a choice that has sparked derision and vitriol among ardent survival horror fans that believe the best gaming scares are had alone in the dark.  It hasn’t been confirmed if co-op will be an option offered in the demo, but rest assured, it’d be stupid as hell if it wasn’t [Ayuh, the demo allows you to play as Mr. Clarke in single-player or his necromorph-stomping bro, John Carver, in co-op. - Ed).

If you’re anxious to throw engineer-turned-male-Ripley-surrogate Isaac Clarke into harm’s way a little earlier than most, EA is doling out a limited amount of codes which will allow Xbox 360 users to download the demo as soon as January 15th (with the offer set to expire the day prior).  Check back here for rum doused, honey glazed impressions once the demo drops.

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