Dead Space 3 Gets a Very Limited, Limited Edition EA and Visceral...

Dead Space 3 Gets a Very Limited, Limited Edition

EA and Visceral are just about set to release their AAA horror sequel, Dead Space 3, with a little less than a month to wait out on the clock.  That’s why there’s no better time than now to make fans scramble like crazy for a limited edition as pricey as it is scare.

Behold the Dev Team Edition, priced at $160 U.S. if you bundle the exclusive goods with a copy of Dead Space 3, or only $100 if you’re getting the game elsewhere (or if you’re a reseller…or if you, bewilderingly, see no need to own the game but all the need to own one-hundred dollars worth of swag).

The Dev Team’s contents are as such:

  • A custom molded, 8" polyresin Black Marker statue
  • An Aluminum Sovereign Colony era Data Pad
  • 14-oz water bottle replica of the in-game Med Pack (Hydrate and heal, friends)
  • An SCAF Bound Jotter filled with 20-pages of Dead Space lore
  • 3 SCAF Posters and 6 PENG postcards featuring pin-up girls from the future
  • Dev Team exclusive 96-Page Mini-Art Book

How limited are we talking?  5,000 were produced, and according to Visceral, those’re the only that are ever being made.  “Get a copy now before they’re gone forever,” says the dev.  Dead Space 3 and its limited edition terrorize the PS3, 360, and PC come February 5th.

Pre-order your Dev Team Edition right here.

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