DmC: Definitive Edition is Launching Earlier Than Expected This...

DmC: Definitive Edition is Launching Earlier Than Expected

This certainly doesn’t happen very often in the world of video games (though I suppose DmC already having been made helps) but Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition, the next-gen port of Ninja Theory’s goddamned sensational reboot, is no longer releasing on March 17th.

It’s coming out March 10th – a whole week beforehand! See? For every ten games that are delayed, we get at least one bumped up (never mind that it already came out in 2013; just focus on the positive).

Plus, you don’t have to fork over the MSRP this time around. DmC: Definitive is releasing on PS4 and Xbox One at a cool $40. Besides collecting all of the game’s DLC, fans can also don Dante and Vergil’s original threads from DMC1 and DMC3 respectively. So there you go, his hair is white. Now you crybabies can adjust your scores to a 2/10 instead of a 1/10.

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