EVERYTHING ZELDA: Nintendo Announces Wii U Wind Waker Remake and...

EVERYTHING ZELDA:  Nintendo Announces Wii U Wind Waker Remake and Teases New HD Zelda

Snowballing into what turned out to be an avalanche of announcements, today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast brought with it all the justification Legend of Zelda fans need to finally spring for the Wii U.

This August, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – originally for the Gamecube, and one of the most unique, stylistic entries into this long running franchise – is receiving an HD remake exclusively for the Wii U.

Wind Waker is being overhauled with updates to its presentation including a boost in lighting, visual effects, and – obviously – upgraded graphics.  Miiverse integration and Gamepad features (like the ability to play on the tablet’s screen) were also detailed, along with the subtle hint that more undisclosed changes would be made to the game in order to spruce it up for the HD generation.

That’s not all, folks.  Series producer Eiji Aonuma claims this remake is an appetizer of goodness intended to sate fans during the years long wait it’ll take for his team to complete a brand new, Wii U Zelda.  Not prepared to blow the lid off any revealing details, Aonuma would only say that his development staff is “rethinking the conventions of Zelda” – and “returning to the basics” – in order to provide a Zelda reborn.

And, as previously speculated, this new Wii U Zelda won’t resemble the E3 tech demo from a few years back.  On the road from design to creation, Eiji says the game’s visual style evolved into something new and unique unto itself.  But since my replica ocarina is only good for inflicting shrill pain to my loved ones’ ears instead of harmonious, time-travelling tunes, we’re just going to have to wait it out until this Wii U Zelda is unveiled.

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