First Ever 3D Pokemon Titles Releasing in October “We brought...

First Ever 3D Pokemon Titles Releasing in October

“We brought Pokémon into an entirely new dimension and we’re incredibly excited to bring Pokémon X and Pokémon Y to fans.” - Junichi Masuda

So I’m, oh, twelve hours late to the announcement, but my stoner-level journalism doesn’t make this news any less exciting – plus, my inner eight-year-old would slap the shit out of me, and likely overwrite my save, if I failed to make mention of brand new Pokemon games.

For the first time in gaming history, two main series sequels in the Pokemon franchise are going full 3D.  Coming to the 3DS this October, Game Freak and Nintendo are releasing Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.The fact that the two titles are in 3D doesn’t just refer to the 3DS’ lynchpin functionality; X and Y will be rendered in full polygonal 3D, from simple exploration to in-battle animations (Eight-Year-Old Me informs me that that is quite awesome).

Besides a bolstered visual presentation, fans will find a lot familiar with X and Y, the tried-and-true formula once more pitting you as an up-and-coming trainer traveling the regions of the world in search of new species of Pokemon to catch – with some familiar species, absent in recent games, making a return – and sharpening your skills against battle-hardened trainers itching to both trump your collection of pocket monsters and humiliate you with cringe worthy one-liners.  Lick your wounds, trainer.  It’s all bumps on the road to becoming the very best.  Perhaps…the best there ever was.

Unlike previous games, Nintendo has forgone the staggered release schedule that comes with localizing the titles, promising Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will see a simultaneous worldwide release this October.

Witness the dawn of the Sixth Generation and the three starters you get to choose in this glorious Announcement Trailer.

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