FOLLOW UP: SouthingtonSOS Cancels Violent Video Game Destruction...

FOLLOW UP: SouthingtonSOS Cancels Violent Video Game Destruction Derby

Originally planned for early morning Saturday, the Southington, Connecticut awareness group – dubbed SouthingtonSOS – announced today it has cancelled its “Violent Video Game Return Program.”

I’ve already scribed my venomous two cents on the matter in this editorial (where several Tumblr-verse users also shared their dismay at the town’s sharp lapse in judgement), but to recap: SouthingtonSOS – inspired by a Newtown, CT grade-schooler’s choice to give up violent video games in response to the horrible shooting that took place at Sandy Hooks Elementary – decided to host an event, meant for the 12th of this month, inviting locals to hand in any video games depicting violence in exchange for a $25 gift certificate.

The event made waves in the news thanks to the fact that games turned into the group were intended for permanent destruction by incineration (while this action is unquestionably metal, derision was called for due to the unwarranted dismantling of creative media and the overt, “This is How It All Begins” parallels to Fahrenheit 451 journalists kept drawing).

SouthingtonSOS spokesperson, Dick Fortunato, stated to Polygon that the return program became redundant to hold once it was clear his group had already accomplished their goals.  “Our mission was to create strong awareness in Southington for parents and families and citizens and children,” said Fortunato.  “And we accomplished that."  Paired with their self-proclaimed success in promoting discussion about violent video games between parents and their children, as well as certain "logistical details,” Fortunato explained that the program became unnecessary to continue.


I’m imagining the phone calls the group received were less along the lines of “Thank you for opening up a dialogue between me and my child!” and more like “Suck a drippy stiff one, you gigantic fuckwits.”  Either way, an ill-conceived witch hunt that promoted the destruction of interactive art has been snuffed out.  I’d call that as much of a victory as SouthingtonSOS claims it is.

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