‘Forward Unto Dawn’ Teaser Released, Full Trailer to Debut at...

‘Forward Unto Dawn’ Teaser Released, Full Trailer to Debut at Comic Con

In case you lost the hope of ever seeing live action Halo again after the film’s aborted launch, 343 Industries has something to ice the wound.  Microsoft’s largest investment into a live action promotion, “Forward Unto Dawn” is a five-part web series starting in October that weaves a tale that ties directly into this November’s highly anticipated sci-fi opus, Halo 4.

We’re teased with just under a minute of footage, but this month’s Comic Con will see the full length trailer debuting on the show floor.  You’ll be able to catch the series when it airs on both Machinima and Halo WaypointMortal Kombat: Legacy’s viral success paved the way for a movie, so perhaps it stands to reason that supporting “Forward Unto Dawn” will finally prove to Hollywood we want Master Chief lobbing plasma grenades at our theater screens.

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