Gain Way for Bioshock Infinite’s Collector’s Editions Lovingly...

Gain Way for Bioshock Infinite’s Collector’s Editions

Lovingly crafted, fittingly designed, the appearance of two different Collector’s sets for the much belated Bioshock Infinite must mean we’re getting closer to actually playing it, right?  Right?

Arriving in either the Premium Edition ($79.99) or the You-Don’t-Love-These-Games-As-Much-As-I-Do Ultimate Songbird Edition (priced at a sobering $149.99), Irrational Games’ own Ken Levine warns that you best jump on these sets now because of their extremely limited availability.  In what Levine eloquently portrays as a “giant pile of swag,” let’s take a look inside these Collector’s Editions:

Premium Edition

  • A 64-page mini-edition of The Art of Bioshock Infinite published by Dark Horse Books featuring a “hand-distressed” linen cover that fools people into thinking it’s an authentic period piece (or that you treat your items like crap).
  • 25mm resin-cast Handyman figure.  This piece is meant for use with Plaid Hat’s Siege of Columbia, a board game based on the Bioshock Infinite universe.
  • Light the Way with Devil’s Kiss: A propaganda lithograph from Infinite’s in-game world, designed by Irrational’s own Jorge Lacera.
  • 3" Murder of Crows replica keychain.  Turns the act of losing your keys into a damned tragedy.
  • An assortment of intangible goods including a digital soundtrack, an in-game Upgrade Pack featuring exclusive Gear, and either a 360 Avatar costume or PS3 themes.

Ultimate Songbird Edition

  • Houses absolutely everything the Premium set does in addition to the incredibly badass Songbird statue standing at over 9 inches, cast in resin, and hand painted.  Designed by concept artist Robb Waters (the man who brought us the System Shock cover art), the Songbird statue also comes in collectible packaging inspired by the world of Columbia (try not to throw it out).

Forgo the deep well of regret that comes with not owning one of these sets and simply pre-order with the Irrational store ASAP.

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