Guns, Exo-suits, Kevin Spacey – Advanced Warfare Trailer Shows...

Guns, Exo-suits, Kevin Spacey – Advanced Warfare Trailer Shows Badassery from Least to Greatest

This can’t be just another military shooter. It’s a private military shooter. Big difference. ‘Lot less folks being kicked through walls by exoskeletoned legs.

Call of Duty has been known to shake up its story backdrop; we’ve been to space, we fought through (parts of) Vietnam, and we’ve actually already been to the future already. It’s time to shake that formula up, man. These combat-ready exo-suits might do the trick. Dude was grappling from a wrist-launched harpoon. These guys are leapfrogging across building tops. Yes, I’m very much about that life.

But it’s easy to get hyped over a trailer (especially with Kevin Spacey teaching us everything there is to know about megalomania in a handful of lines). That’s essentially a good trailer’s job – to get you excited about something regardless if the end product is destined for a Gamestop shelf a couple weeks later with an overpriced “Used” sticker slapped on the cover.

My attention, for the umpteenth year in a row, is yours once again, Call of Duty. We’ve been doing this song and dance for seven years in a row now. When will the music stop?

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