“He Ain’t Even Hurt…” - New Glimpse at The Last of Us While...

He Ain’t Even Hurt…” - New Glimpse at The Last of Us

While information on The Last of Us is light, the masses at large still seem to content themselves on boiling Naughty Dog’s latest effort down to just a “zombie game."  The infected shown in the game’s debut trailer certainly seem indicative of that, but Naughty Dog says pegging their post-apocalyptic foray as such is only looking at a smaller piece of the whole.  So what is The Last of Us about?  The game’s director Bruce Straley might have a better idea than us:

It’s a game about the human condition. 20 years after a plague has decimated our society, how does man survive? When all moral and ethical codes have been stripped, who do you trust? After watching your friends and loved ones pass, do you think you could still love? What is life without hope? We’re trying to make you feel these dilemmas while you’re playing The Last of Us.

Mr. Straley makes mention that this chilling teaser was released merely to amp people up for next month’s E3 demonstration where we’ll get to go to hell and back with The Last of Us.

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