Here’s Your First Look at The Legend of Zelda Wii U! A good long...

Here’s Your First Look at The Legend of Zelda Wii U!

A good long time ago, rumors spilled onto the internet regarding an original Zelda title designed for the Wii U, headed up by Skyward Sword’s producer Eiji Aonuma. Word had it that Nintendo was constructing the biggest, most ambitious Zelda game in the series’ 25 year history. It was set to feature dungeons so expansive, you could fit some of the franchise’s biggest fields in them and still have breathing room.

Today, Nintendo gave us the briefest of peeks into a gorgeous and massive open world Hyrule. Aonuma explains hardware limitations meant past games were forced to segment areas, stitching them together to create the illusion of a larger whole, but in rethinking how his team approaches Zelda, Eiji wants to knock down those barriers and give players unprecedented access to the game’s world.

The goal is to let you travel and explore as far as your eye can see. In that way, Eiji says, traversal is the puzzle and figuring out how to get there is the solution.

Check out this eye-opening footage that shows off not only a glimpse at Link (or maybe someone else…?) in this expanded environment but also the alluring, highly detailed art direction the project is utilizing. The Wii U’s Legend of Zelda is projected for 2015, and if this is just a taste of what’s to come, I have no doubt this game will be a guaranteed system seller for Nintendo when next year rolls around.

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