How’s Diablo III for Consoles Coming Along? Blizzard: “It’ll...

How’s Diablo III for Consoles Coming Along?  Blizzard: “It’ll Happen When it Happens

Diablo III has been set loose upon our reality, and as hundreds of thousands of PC gamers relish in their click n’ kill nirvana today, console people may feel left out in the cold.  Well, never fear, as the game’s director, Jay Wilson, has confirmed today that, yeah, it’s gonna be cold for a while.

The console space having been consistently untapped by Blizzard, the company isn’t confident in firmly announcing home platform ports of the long awaited PC sequel.  Namely, Wilson attributes this to the fact that “we’re not sure yet whether we think it will work.”

The only progress made in development so far has been the accumulation of new employees experienced in the console arena. At this early, aloof point, Blizzard’s best hope comes from piling enough manpower atop the project until a successful port is squeezed out.  “The better people we hire, the better chance we have to actually make it,” according to Wilson.

Personally, I only possess a netbook that has trouble running the calculator app; a console iteration of Diablo III would be the one opportunity I’d get at owning the game, sure, but if there’s too much lost in the translation, I’ll be none too sore if the port never sees the console light of day (at least this generation, that is).

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