Injustice Befalls Comic-Con NetherRealm debuted a brand new...

Injustice Befalls Comic-Con

NetherRealm debuted a brand new trailer for their next DC-centric fighter and it is profoundly badass. If you thought it couldn’t get any more brutal than the lineup of warrior ninjas and bladed freaks in Mortal Kombat, you obviously haven’t seen the Flash face palm Superman into the hood of a car umpteen times in a five-second span. There’s even a bit of blood to be had in the trailer perhaps hinting at debilitating (if not fatal) finishers? Ah, that’s hoping for too much. I’m happy enough to dropkick Solomon Grundy through a building and have it collapse on him. You know, innocent violence.

Bloody or not, MK9’s influence is all over Injustice and in the very best possible ways. Custom combo strings blew open the doors to a wealth of depth in that game’s fighting system and, here, backed by the gadget-based and strength-based division in character skills, I think the experience could become even deeper.

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