Is PAX Invading the Midwest? Penny Arcade Expo, started in 2004,...

Is PAX Invading the Midwest?

Penny Arcade Expo, started in 2004, has become the biggest and most renown gaming festival in the ten short years since its conception.

Starting in Seattle, Washington, and branching out to the other side of the country with PAX East in Boston, the celebration of games, gaming, and gamers has even made a global footprint, launching PAX Australia in 2013.

With PAX East set to commence just next week, rumblings from the Expo’s top brass seems to suggest a new event may be announced very soon. The above image of an office wall adorned with clocks and countdown timers comes way of a tweet from PAX Business Manager Robert Khoo. Next to three of the clocks are logos for the established PAX events we all know and flock to.

A fourth clock remains logo-less, next to a blank timer. A keen eye will notice each clock is adjusted to each event’s regional time-zone. The blank clock is set to Central time. That leaves a bevy of cities in the Midwest open for a new PAX; a chance for thousands of new attendees to experience what I consider to be the pinnacle gathering of gaming culture in North America.

In the meanwhile, my own company, Glitch Gaming Apparel, is scrambling in preparation for next week’s megaton explosion of gamers at PAX East. Hope to see you folks there!

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