It’s Call of Duty. In Space.(A David Bowie Cover Helps Illustrate...

It’s Call of Duty. In Space.

(A David Bowie Cover Helps Illustrate the Point)

I know posting about Call of Duty on Tumblr ignites as much interest as West Wing gifsets but let’s give this trailer some credit – they dared not move the series into space without referencing David Bowie pretty hard. Of course, it’s a mere “Let’s Add Electric Guitars!” cover of “Space Oddity” that could’ve been done by Breaking Benjamin or Chevelle or whomever (you know, one of those acts where you can never tell which crooning white dude you’re listening to).

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, or Infinity Warfare as it will forever be called by the glut of 12 year-olds that fund Activision’s empire, also offers a premium edition that includes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. It may be missing a ‘4′ but it’s the same game – Soap, Price, Mile High Club, the works. The rub is that there’s only 10 multiplayer maps included in the package.

The devs probably figured a lot of us old-timey nostalgic fucks would forget about Call of Duty: The Formic Wars and just play the shit out of Modern Warfare. And they’re goddamn right. You think the availability of just 10 maps is going to stop me from playing it endlessly? You silly, silly bastards. (Actually, I’m the silly bastard re-buying a game from nine years ago but… no, there’s no but there. I’m a silly bastard. I just miss having only three killstreaks. Stop nukin’ me, assholes.)

Call of Duty: Interstellar Warfare releases November 4th, 2016.

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