Jet Set Radio Dated For September, PS Plus Members Get to...

Jet Set Radio Dated For September, PS Plus Members Get to Vandalize Early

Kudos to Sega for not only pooling together 100% of the original Jet Set’s soundtrack, but also offering the full game download for an agreeable $9.99 (800 points in 360 currency).  I’ve received a lot less than a top notch blast from the past for that price point and we won’t go into the crashing disappointments I’ve hunkered down with for way more than ten bucks.

You can expect this Dreamcast dinosaur to arrive on PSN Sept. 18th with XBLA and Steam receiving it the next day on the 19th.  But if you’re impatient – and I hope you are so that I don’t feel like I’m alone in the universe – and also happen to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can treat yourself to Jet Set Radio as early as Sept. 11th.

PS Vita owners, unfortunately, will have to be a little more zen with the upsetting wait between now and the game’s availability for the handheld on October 16th.  Assuming that your ownership of a portable system means you’re outside and on the go, might I suggest taking up real life rollerbladed graffiti tagging?  It’s a valid, wheeled art form.  An art form technically considered vandalism and could get you into legal trouble, but on rollerblades, the amount of exercise your body’s getting will make up for all the, uh, rollerblading away from cops you’ll be doing…Okay, fine, wait for October.

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