Leather-clad, super-powered insanity comes to Resident Evil 0′s...

Leather-clad, super-powered insanity comes to Resident Evil 0′s ‘Wesker Mode’

One of my favorite treats added to this year’s Resident Evil HD Remastered was being able to tread through the Spencer Mansion wearing Jill and Chris’ BSAA garbs – a unit that supersedes S.T.A.R.S. in the games’ mythology. Yeah, it was a touch anachronistic playing as the duo’s future selves (Chris’ arm pythons and all) but it was a neat bonus.

This? This is fucking insane as far as bonuses go. And of course I love it.

Included in next year’s HD remastering of Resident Evil 0 is Wesker Mode, a run through of the prequel where Billy Cohen, Rebecca’s playable companion in the game, is replaced by Albert “Global Saturation” Wesker in all his sunglassed, Hell Bent for Leather glory. Even Becca, now sporting a stylish mind-control amulet on her chest, joins in on the leather-mommy fun.

This isn’t the weak ass, double-crossing Wesker from the original mansion incident, either. This is the bullet-timing, red hot coal-eyed Wesker as we know him from Resident Evil 5 –  a game where 70% of his appearances consisted of him using his cheetah speed to plant a knee in Chris Redfield’s gut, except playable.

His abilities are weird this go around, too. I don’t recall him being able to expel lighting out of his eyes like an enraged thunder god at any point in the series… but I also don’t recall anyone saying that he couldn’t

Resident Evil 0 is prime for digital download early 2016 across Microsoft and Sony’s current and last-gen consoles, as well as PC. But if you missed the sublime remake of the S.T.A.R.S. Team’s worst outing ever, January 16th sees the physical retail release of Resident Evil Origins Collection, a pairing of both REHD Remastered and Resident Evil 0 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Check out RE0′s Uruboros fueled ridiculousness below:

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