Look Inside The Evil Within… Within These New Screens So, people...

Look Inside The Evil Within… Within These New Screens

So, people have been asking me, “Hey, The Red Herb, what do you think about Resident Evil’s creator doing up another horror game?”

And I reply, “You know, we’ll see how it goes.  It’s got a lot of promise but you’ve got to factor in that an untested development team is working on it.  We’ll play it by ear for now, but it looks pretty interesting.”

It’s important to play the neutral ground as a journalist.  I personally know about three internet writers living on the streets this very moment because the words “Duke Nukem Forever” and “Game of the Year” wound up in the same sentence before its release.  It also helps that I become a pathological liar whenever someone directly asks me a question.

But, of course, my internal dialogue is more along the lines of, “SHINJI MOTHERFUCKIN’ MIKAMI IS DIRECTING ITAsking me if I’m excited for The Evil Within is like asking me if I’d be somewhat pleased with a set of winning lottery numbers, marrying an amalgamation of Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Emma Stone, and a lifetime supply of Oreo Cakesters.

“Oh, hey, the creator of your favorite video game series ever is returning to survival horror with a next-gen game that looks just like your favorite video game series ever.  Any thoughts?”

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