Mass Effect 3’s Extended Finale Free to Download on Tuesday The...

Mass Effect 3’s Extended Finale Free to Download on Tuesday

The PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions of Bioware’s third space odyssey will be receiving the extended ending in the form of a free download starting Tuesday, June 26th.

Bioware claims the Extended Cut will not fundamentally change the endings already present in the game.  Whether or not you found the resolution to your Shepard’s storyline satisfying, that conclusion is there to stay.  However, through additional dialogue and scenes spotlighting how your choices affected the galaxy at large, Bioware hopes players can find deeper meaning in the supplemented finale.

“It provides more of the answers and closure that players have been asking for. It gives a sense of what the future holds as a result of the decisions made throughout the series. And it shows greater detail in the successes or failures based on how players achieved their endings,” says Bioware.

That’s right about within the ballpark of my initial complaints towards the ending(s).  Thematically, I was actually pretty okay with the outcome.  But three games worth of decisions amounted to a static conclusion that disregarded them all.  Not so okay.  Altering the ending is tricky business and still probably won’t be enough to assuage fans – the Extended Cut may only prove to irk the fan base even more but…You just can’t beat free.

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