Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Event Brings Us Two New Games and a...

Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Event Brings Us Two New Games and a Movie (!)

It’s a damn good day to be a fan of Metal Gear.  During the series’ 25th Anniversary event (yeah, video games aren’t so young anymore), Kojima Productions detailed three new projects sure to buckle the knees of diehard tactical espionage action fans the world over.

“For many years I fought to bring comics to theaters - and video games are the comics of today."  What does that mean?  Don’t know.  Who said it?  Mr. Avi Arad, the producer behind a bevy of Marvel comics brought to the screen, who is working diligently (in association with Columbia Pictures) to now bring Metal Gear into theaters.  The project’s still a newborn, practically, so we’re a little ways off from finding out who might be crazy enough to direct it and who would be filling in Snake’s live-action five o’ clock shadow.

For those sneaking on the go, Metal Gear Social Ops was announced for mobile devices, expected out somewhere between the Fall and Winter.  That’s well and good, but of course all other news was steamrolled by the official unveiling of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the fabled main series sequel running on the studios’ brand spanking new FOX Engine.

The bulk of our knowledge on Ground Zeroes comes from a flurry of excited Tweets attendees were asked not to post, so details are muddy at best.  But Ground Zeroes is said to trade up metal corridors for a vivid, open world where your discretion drives the action – from riding jeeps, dispatching foes, to avoiding capture.  The battlefield is your playground, and evidently it all looks friggin’ fantastic.  Stay tuned as harder details surface.

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