MGS: The Legacy Collection Skipping 360; “MGS4 is Just Too...

MGS: The Legacy Collection Skipping 360; “MGS4 is Just Too Enormous”

Despite both Metal Gear Rising and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection  making the jump to Xbox 360 without a hitch, Konami’s newest box set, Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, will release as a PS3 exclusive.  The reason?  The hefty inclusion of MGS4 and its landslide of data.

Series mastermind Hideo Kojima recently cleared up the matter, which is apparently an issue of storage.  “I’m sorry to say an Xbox 360 version isn’t being released,“ said Kojima.  "Because an Xbox 360 version of MGS4 hasn’t gone on sale.  To explain the situation, the amount of data in MGS4 is just too enormous.”

Sony’s lean on Blu-Ray media meant Kojima Productions could stuff as much content as they wanted back in 2008 when the closing chapter in Solid Snake’s saga dropped into stores.  Porting the game to the Xbox 360’s DVD format, on the other hand, meant the developers would have to stretch their magnum opus across seven separate discs…Significantly more work than it was worth, unfortunately for Xbox fans.

And compromise in this situation would mean an incomplete package for collectors.  “If we released a version on the Xbox 360 without MGS4, then it’s not The Legacy Collection,” said Hideo.  Don’t give out hope completely, though, Microsoft loyal.  Kojima hasn’t ruled out the next Xbox as a potential home for the collection…So call it a maybe before never rolls around.

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