Microsoft Rewarding Xbox Loyalists in Anticipation of the One...

Microsoft Rewarding Xbox Loyalists in Anticipation of the One (The Console; Not, Like,“The Chosen One”)

Spend an inordinate amount of time bulking up that Gamerscore? Do you make sure your Live subscription is renewed even before your water bill is paid? Sounds like you’re a worthy candidate for Microsoft’s latest bout of charity.

Today, various Xbox users have received an email from the Big M thanking them for their dedication and a heads up that they’d be privy to fully unlocked downloads of Rare’s rebooted fighter Killer Instinct for the Xbox One.

After being tapped by IGN, a Microsoftian rep confirmed that, to celebrate the incoming Xbox One, they would be doling out a variety of “Xbox gifts” to its fans. What exactly ups your chances of earning free shit? The rep says a number of criteria are being taken into account, “including Gamerscore and Xbox Live tenure, as well as other factors in markets where Xbox One is available.”

Sounds to me that if you do score via email, you may want to have one of them new fangled Xbox One’s ready to redeem your gift. Otherwise, The Red Herb greatly appreciates every donated Killer Instinct code.

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