Next Dead Space To Be Announced at E3 In an investors call EA...

Next Dead Space To Be Announced at E3

In an investors call EA held, a few familiar franchises (like yet another Need For Speed) were slated for reveal at this year’s E3.  Among those titles, another Dead Space game was confirmed to be in development, lending credence to the rumors circulating that a Dead Space 3 had began production.

The sequel’s storyline was rumored to see Isaac Clarke crash land on a frozen wasteland of a planet where he would encounter icy monstrosities along with his freshly depth-impaired comrade Ellie Langford (an alluring, capable survivor of the events depicted in Dead Space 2).  And to add more rumor to your rumor, rumor also has it that developer Visceral Games is looking to implement co-op gameplay.

Now, no one has gone on record to say that the next installment is actually Dead Space 3.  Allow me to point you towards the least preferred rumor involving Visceral actively looking to incorporate first-person shooter mechanics into the series, as inferred by a job listing the company issued for a multiplayer level designer versed in the FPS realm.  That last one smells a bit…decayed, but we’ll have a better grasp on where Dead Space is heading next at E3.

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