Nintendo Direct Conference Brings New Games, Old Faces Last...

Nintendo Direct Conference Brings New Games, Old Faces

Last night’s Nintendo Direct feed brought us a slew of announcements centered on new releases of beloved franchises.  Starting from smallest to biggest, the very quiet Animal Crossing 3DS materialized, said it was slated for a Fall release in Japan, and then silently blended into the foliage once more, without a word.

Also, Kirby is celebrating twenty whole years of pink, legless existence in Kirby 20th Anniversary for the Wii.  Nintendo figured you love vagueness and only provided the information that the title would be a collection of “all your favorite Kirby games,” which means if they have even one game over my very specific pick of faves, I’m chucking it out the window.

Nintendo’s ace in the hole during the conference was the first ever reveal of New Super Mario Bros. 2, a sequel to the Wii and DS ultra hit, only this time, it’s coming out for the 3DS – further strengthening the handheld’s library and effectively distancing itself from the malnourished launch lineup that kept the system down last year.  Newer Super Mario Bros. (as it will henceforth be known) is dropping this August in Japan with a U.S. date likely this year as well.

Nintendo, I thank you for promoting my 3DS up from paperweight status, and also remembering Kirby, but the longer we go without a new Metroid is more time you’re giving me to reevaluate our relationship.  And I gotta say…we’re getting close to “I think we should talk” territory.

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