Nintendo’s Wii U is Priced, Dated, and Ready to Ship Nintendo’s...

Nintendo’s Wii U is Priced, Dated, and Ready to Ship

Nintendo’s been coy when it comes to hard facts surrounding the Wii U, but their legacy of information deprivation was put to rest today as they have detailed both pricing and release dates for the HD successor to the Wii.

The console arrives in North America on November 18th, then in Europe on November 30th sans a sensor bar for (stupid) economical reasons, and finally the console makes its way back home to Japan on December 8th.

The Wii U will arrive to stores in two separate bundles:

  • The Basic ($299.99): Equipped with an AC adapter, GamePad, HDMI cable, a sensor bar, and 8GB of internal memory.
  • The Deluxe ($349.99): Stocks everything the basic claims stake to along with a charging cradle and stand for your GamePad, a stand for the system, a copy of Nintendo Land, a Nintendo Network Premium Subscription for discounts on digital titles, and 32GB of internalized memory.

Apparently, pricing hasn’t been locked down in European markets due to former conflicts between Nintendo and the region (presumably over the company’s multiple failed attempts to legally rename the continent Nintendo Land), thus placing the final say on price points with retailers themselves.

Some of the standout game announcements made today include Platinum Games letting loose that the long anticipated but unconfirmed Bayonetta 2 will be a Wii U exclusive, Gearbox affirming the presence of Aliens: Colonial Marines for the system’s launch window, and after being one of the deciding factors to develop a Pro Controller, Activision is bringing Call of Duty: Black Ops II to the console.

While exact release dates have yet to solidify, hit this link to see the games slated for the Wii U’s launch window (spanning from November to the end of March 2013).

So…anybody picking up a Wii U this Holiday?

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