Official Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer is Groovy as HellNo, we’re not...

Official Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer is Groovy as Hell

No, we’re not talking about video games today. But you’ll get over it, because we’re talking about something equally important: Bruce Campbell (and his diamond chin).

If you’re like me, you’re probably experiencing the nerdy whirlwind of San Diego Comic-Con up close and personal… separated by a computer screen, from the comfort of your bedroom. It’s a mite less exciting than being on the actual show floor but, hey, benefit, it smells a whole lot better in your room than what a crowd of costumed geeks roasting in the Cali sun is wafting into the atmosphere.

If that doesn’t assuage you, how about this surprisingly kinetic trailer from the upcoming Starz series Ash vs Evil Dead? Reuniting the splatstick horror team of Sam Raimi and Bruce “The Chin” Himself, this sequel to Army of Darkness sees our one-handed hero, Ashley J. Williams, at the twilight of his “career.” His trailer park solitude is broken, however, when the otherworldly evil that plagued him 30 years prior returns to put a nail in Ash’s coffin.

Older, though not necessarily wiser, Ash enlists the help of younger cohorts to do battle against the deadites. It’s like The Dark Knight Returns of the Evil Dead mythos and it looks hilariously bloody. Fans have been clawing for an Evil Dead IV well over two decades now, but you know what? This looks better.

Now only if there was some other way to watch this than shelling out for Starz. Sorry, I’m a millennial, Raimi – we don’t pay for cable.

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