Praise Birkin! RE: Operation Raccoon City is Getting Patched The...

Praise Birkin!  RE: Operation Raccoon City is Getting Patched

The biggest issue that single-handedly knocked Slant Six’s spin-off down an entire letter grade was the horrendous bugs and glitches that accompany every play session, online or off (like zombies intermittently blinking in and out of existence – which they’re not often prone to do in real life, I’m told).

There’s a well of other problems plaguing this better-at-concept multiplayer mash, but enough shit has been stacked on ORC at this point – I’m sure we all have picked which side of the fence to stand on when it comes to loving or hating the red-headed step child of the franchise (my apologies to red-headed step children the world over).

Flawed game design obviously won’t be addressed but it has been confirmed on the Ask Capcom forum by the company’s friendly North American Senior Veep, Mr. Christian Svensson, that a patch is underway:

“There is a patch in the works to address some issues however I have no knowledge of whether or not these specific ones will be addressed. I’ve shared this thread…with many folks, including the producers in Japan and the QA team.”

No hard details (like what’s being fixed or when), but the most staggering news here is that ORC has a Quality Assurance team.  Faced.

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