Preemptive Strike: EA Registers Domains for Battlefield 13...

Preemptive Strike: EA Registers Domains for Battlefield 13 Through 20

Don’t mistake this for news in any way.  This isn’t EA jumping the proverbial gun and announcing plans for sixteen-plus years of Battlefield games.  EA can be overzealous, hell, yes, but precognitive?  No.  I don’t even think Activision sees a twenty-year forecast for their own military shooter/money printing machine.

What’s happened here is an interesting case brought to you by none other than the information age.  Thanks to an enterprising third-party hoping to trick you into their clutches one day, the domain names for Battlefield 10 through 12 are bought up and out of EA’s hands.

Not used to being pushed around by that bastard internet (unless we’re voting, of course), EA’s legal team went on a shopping spree, buying up domains ranging from Battlefield 13 all the way to Battlefield 20 Battlefield 5 through 9 are already in the company’s pocket.

Think they might be playing it extremely on the cautious side?  Tell you what.  In the distant future, when you’re amped up about Battlefield 21 and decide to check out the official site for trailers using your brain’s internalized wifi and merely thinking about the link brings you to a website dedicated exclusively to neon-irradiated dongs, their horrific glowing emissions, and the everyday objects those emissions melt…EA will still probably be voted Worst Company of the Year for wholly unrelated reasons.

Back in modern times, where radioactive dongs are simply hypothetical (…but for how long?), Battlefield 4 is expected out for current and next-gen consoles this Fall.

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