Resident Evil 6 Multiplayer DLC Drops December 18th (If You Have...

Resident Evil 6 Multiplayer DLC Drops December 18th (If You Have a 360)

Now that you Res-Heads have had a chance to thoroughly complete Capcom’s latest horror opus, it’s time to harness your zombie beating skills and unleash your fury where it burns brightest: on complete strangers online!

I believe we already talked at some length about the new competitive multiplayer modes being offered up as DLC, but I’ll refresh that memory of yours as quickly as possible (and because they dropped Siege Mode in favor of the way more awesome Onslaught). Hit the links to view the multiplayer carnage in action.

  • Predator Mode - Either fuck up people’s days as the menacing Ustanak or don the role of one of five fuckees attempting to survive the monster’s attack.
  • Survivors Mode - Free-for-all and team-based versus action that’s not as painfully vanilla as it sounds; get killed and you’ll come back from the grave to terrorize the opposition until your enemy’s blood resurrects you as a human once more.  Revenge can be a wonderful thing.
  • Onslaught Mode - Probably the most replayable mode, the one-on-one Onslaught marries the addictive Mercenaries Mode with the “Fuck you” nature of Tetris Attack.  Build up a high combo streak (let’s say you’ve downed 14 baddies), drop the streak, and that’s how many enemies you’re shoving down the other guy’s throat.

If you log onto PSN on December 18th and see none of these additions, don’t panic.  Microsoft merely slapped you with the short end of the stick, being as it is that these modes are a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360.  Each mode – which utilizes both on-disc and off-disc Mercenaries maps – are individually priced at 320 MS or you can save some moon currency by springing for the 720 MS bundle.

Both consoles, however, are still on track to receive the free update coming out Dec. 17th (detailed here) which will include enhanced camera options, a co-op partner for Ada’s campaign, and a new difficulty level.

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