Resident Evil 6 PSA of the Day: Two New Mercs Stages! This news...

Resident Evil 6 PSA of the Day: Two New Mercs Stages!

This news almost slipped right past me to be perfectly honest.  Without so much as a press email and little to no fanfare on the obvious outlets (I get it, world; you fucking hate this game), this nugget of DLC unceremoniously plopped onto Xbox Live and PSN yesterday.

Priced at $1.99/160 MS, “Rooftop Mission” and “Creature Workshop” can be yours to add to your collection of Mercenaries stages.  The former map, straightforwardly named, gains the claim to being the smallest level created for the game, and is also one of the few locales you get to tangle with ravenous zombies instead of gun-toting J'avo.

“Creature Workshop,” on the other hand, is described as an “uneven battlefield surrounded by pipes” where part of the sadistic fun is finding just the right place to knock enemies off to their doom.  $2 bucks to rekindle my unseemly, almost unreasonable addiction to Mercenaries?  Not bad.

But my hope above all hopes for this game is that we’ll see some story DLC pad out the offering – this is in spite of the fact that the game’s stunted sales performance pretty much every single month after its October launch is the sort of disappointment that typically puts the kabosh on such plans.  Hopefully Capcom hasn’t exhausted the entire DLC budget on the multitude of hackneyed versus modes, especially when considering some of the very best DLC RE5 received came in the form of its short-but-sweet story expansions.

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