Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection Bringing Rail Shootin’...

Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection Bringing Rail Shootin’ Horror to the PS3

As the shovelware fueled Wii begins to sink into the ether with Nintendo shifting focus to better, more expensive consoles, two of the very best spin-offs to branch out from Resident Evil are jumping ship to Sony’s platform.

Stitching together the rail shooters Umbrella Chronicles and its disproportionately superior sequel The Darkside Chronicles, the downloadable collection drops on PSN this June with HD gloss and a conversion to Move controls.  Both titles in the pack will feature co-op zombie blazing as in the Wii originals, and you’ll be able to download the games individually at a later unspecified point.

If you’ve avoided the Chronicles games or forgot there’s a Wii behind all the cobwebs within your entertainment center, the rail shooters are fascinating reimagings of key events and storylines from the main series that, at best, add insights and supplement information from the canon or, at worst, provide mindless hours of fun pumping bullets into creatures of the night.

But if you had to choose between the two, go for the brilliant, sort of “soft remakes” of RE2 and Code: Veronica featured in Darkside Chronicles.  It’ll be the best eight hours your trigger finger ever spent.

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