Resident Evil HD Fastest Selling Digital Release in Capcom’s...

Resident Evil HD Fastest Selling Digital Release in Capcom’s History

Old School Horror Tops PSN’s Sales List in January

When I reviewed Capcom’s remaster of 2002’s remake of their 1996 classic (a fact that’s been confusing the hell out of press junkets — some referring to the title as a remastering of a 20-year-old game), I praised it as the definitive way to play the absolute pinnacle of the Resident Evil series.

Apparently, you savvy, savvy consumers out there agreed, putting Resident Evil HD Remaster atop the PlayStation Store’s best-friggin’-selling list across PS3 and PS4. Day one downloads alone broke records for Sony’s store. Better yet, the remaster has gone down as Capcom’s fastest selling digital release of all time.

So what does this mean? Hopefully, it encourages Capcom to stop sleeping on the more traditional horror elements that laid the foundation for this franchise to begin with. Reaching for the stars, maybe REmaster’s success will finally twist the company’s arm into producing a remake of Resident Evil 2.

Once upon a time ago, a full-on reconstruction of the second game, a beloved entry to this very day, would’ve been a mixed herb pipe dream. But now? It’s a good time to be a Resident Evil fan.

Here’s a special message from Mr. Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, the game’s producer, thanking fans for taking that ill-fated trek through the Arklay Mountains area once again.

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