Resident Evil Revelations Ports Its Scares to Consoles This May...

Resident Evil Revelations Ports Its Scares to Consoles This May

Let’s bump this one up from whispered rumors to official announcement: the once 3DS bound spin-off, Resident Evil Revelations, is porting to consoles in the U.S. on May 21st (24th across the pond).

Polished and updated in HD, Revelations is making it to a whole host of systems with a $49.99 retail disc slated for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U – no word on how different the latter version will be given the Gamepad’s unique capabilities.  A digital copy of the title can also be found on the PC and PS3, though no price point was specified.

Aside from an upped visual presentation, console fans can expect some exclusive content by way of the co-op online Raid Mode which now includes added weapons and custom parts, and the playable return of everybody’s favorite Umbrella merc, Hunk.  The re-release also throws in a harder difficulty level and a ferocious new B.O.W. happy to slash your jugular for you.

I’m glad this spectacularly crafted, solidly tense entry has found new life outside of the handheld domain – though a $50 dollar price tag for a port is admittedly suspect, especially for avid RE fans like myself hopelessly obligated to re-buy this title for the inch and a half of extra features (and the justice of moving this bite-sized addition to a bigger screen).

With legitimate scares, a fun spin on the Mercenaries mode, and an interesting, character hopping narrative, it’s lucky Revelations is worth a re-purchase – and a no-brainer for fans that missed it the first time around.

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