Rockstar Dishes Out a Warning for Those Picking Up GTAV on Xbox...

Rockstar Dishes Out a Warning for Those Picking Up GTAV on Xbox 360

If you’re planning on scooping up Grand Theft Auto V this week – which you are, even if you don’t know it yet – Rockstar has a fair warning for Xbox 360 owners regarding some install irregularities.

Since Microsoft won’t be embracing the magical data well that is Blu-Ray until their next console, GTAV on the 360 is spread like open-world butter across two DVD’s; one a mandatory install disc encompassing nearly 8GB of information, the other a “Play” disc to be used after your install whenever you want to boot up Los Santos.

The trouble begins if users should also attempt to install that very same “Play” disc through the 360’s dashboard – an accomplishable act that you just shouldn’t accomplish unless you wish to be treated to some vicious pop-in (as evidence in this video) and other graphical screw up’s.

The grand notion behind running the game from both disc and HDD is that the game can operate on the DVD while also streaming from a pool of data, effectively tag-teaming the monolithic amount of content Rockstar has coded into GTAV. Running everything from the harddrive, however, just gums the whole works up. No reason to do it, folks. This has been your video game public service announcement of the day.

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