Shenmue III Has Already Surpassed Its Kickstarter GoalBarely even...

Shenmue III Has Already Surpassed Its Kickstarter Goal

Barely even half a day after Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki announced his intentions to finish Ryo-san’s saga through crowdfunding, Shenmue III’s $2 million goal has been hit.

Hit and run over, actually. As of this writing, the Kickstarter rests at over $2.5 mil with a whopping 31 days left to support it. Goddamn do you guys like forklifting.

The original $2 million goal was to bring Shenmue III to the PS4 and PC. Suzuki and his team plan on developing the title on the Unreal 4 engine with “new fight mechanics” and “elements from its predecessors.” Stretch goals include subtitles in multiple languages and future goals may include gameplay features like a skill-tree system.

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