Six Flags and Capcom Partner Up for ’Resident Evil 6 Flags Night’...

Six Flags and Capcom Partner Up for ’Resident Evil 6 Flags Night’ (Ugh)

What do you get when you mix a years old survival horror game with a decades old chain of theme parks?  A fucking horrendous marketing pun, that’s what.  I’ll let you continue puking until you reach the bottom of your stomach.  If the phrase “piping hot diarrhea” didn’t already exist, “Resident Evil 6 Flags Night” would be the runner up.  Somebody’s going straight to hell for that one and Satan won’t have the heart to look them in the eye when he explains why.

Yes, Capcom and Six Flags Theme Parks are running a promotion where, starting August 30th, preordering the upcoming Resident Evil 6 either online at Gamestop or in person automatically earns you a ticket special offering benefits to anyone attending Fright Fest on October 6th (you know, the accursedly named night in question) including discounted admission into the park, exclusive ride time on selected rollercoasters, and a free haunted house voucher.

Attending guests meeting the M-Rated age requirement will get a chance to play RE6 at demo kiosks and snag Resident Evil goodies from event street teams sweeping the park on the night of the 6th.  Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll be snuggly at home, plugging an endless stream of hours into the four-day-old RE6, away from swarms of drunk strangers, shrieking children, and the unwarranted anxiety they plague upon you (reach out on Live, if that’s the case, friend, and we’ll cave zombie faces in together).

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