Slender Man Arriving on PSN and XBL Watch your back, folks....

Slender Man Arriving on PSN and XBL

Watch your back, folks. Something awful is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360. Did you see what I did there? Something awf– Nevermind. I only just Googled it myself.

Sequel to the indie horror sensation, Slender: The Eight Pages, Blue Isle Studios’ Slender: The Arrival is being ported to PSN and XBL. No mere copy and paste here, though; the console edition is being packaged with two brand new chapters, pitting players as previous victims of The Slender Man (spoiler: they fucking die).

The port is being published by Midnight City, an experimental branch of Majesco Games that allows indie developers to keep their independent label while Midnight handles public relations, marketing, community management, and a whole host of other duties that cramp a micro-dev’s style.

Oh, and PC People. Rest assured that The Arrival’s extra content ain’t console exclusive – the additional chapters will be made available for the PC version once the console edition is released later this year. So everybody gets to brown their pants in unison.

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