SSX Goes Retro in New ‘Mt. Eddie’ DLC EA’s big build up to a...

SSX Goes Retro in New ‘Mt. Eddie’ DLC

EA’s big build up to a reveal on the new SSX DLC promised to deliver on classic thrills and mountain chills with a very Tricky twist.  Well, developer EA Canada has made good on their word in a mix of content that can be downloaded from either XBL or PSN; the centerpiece of all the content being the lengthy, nine drop-long course dubbed “Mt. Eddie.”  The new addition to SSX’s world wide resume can be purchased by itself for $5.99 (or 480 Bill Gates Bucks) in a pack that features two songs from SSX games that didn’t feature dubstep in their soundtracks.

To celebrate the old school mountain, you can gear up with seven classic characters that each have their own unique boards.  The Character Pack can be bought for $5.99 as well, but if there’s even a few boarders you want from the pack, it may be wiser to go for the bundle pack that includes both the classic characters and Mt. Eddie for $7.99 (or 560 digital Monopoly dollars).  You can begin your mastery of Mt. Eddie and all of its PS2-era inspired wonders on May 1st.

Too bad that whole demoing DLC thing never caught on (you had it right, F.E.A.R. 2 – even if you screwed yourself out of a sale).  Trying out a course before opening my wallet would’ve been perfectly implemented here.  But SSX has not let me down thus far, hopefully the new game’s attempt at reclaiming retro glory doesn’t remind us why the extreme sports genre flat-lined for as long as it did (I wonder if SSX saw Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Aggressive Inline beckoning it to step into the light during its near death experience?).

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