Street Fighter Series Producer Stepping Down After Health Scare...

Street Fighter Series Producer Stepping Down After Health Scare

After being hospitalized during an event promoting his latest work, Street Fighter X Tekken, Yoshinori Ono has updated his Twitter account with an apology and the news of his temporary departure from Capcom’s monolithic fighting franchise.

In order to recuperate his health, Ono will refrain from working on anything Street Fighter, and will hand over producing duties to another unnamed party in the meantime.  This marks the first occasion since Yoshi took over the series in 2008 – and effectively revitalized the fighting game genre – that the producer won’t have a direct influence on the titles.

Yoshinori also made mention to the fact that his SFxT team is diligently crafting patches for their title and that fans need only be patient.  Yes, SFxT’s online modes need to be firebombed with patches desperately, but relax, man.  The Red Herb wishes Mr. Ono all of the recovery time in the world and hopes he takes all he can get.  Street Fighter will still be here when you get back thanks in no small part to you, Yoshi.

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