Street Fighter V: Cross-Play, Exclusivity, and Roman Numerals...

Street Fighter V: Cross-Play, Exclusivity, and Roman Numerals

Street Fighter V (and I think that’s Roman numeral five and not Vee — hate to specify but we live in a world where Mortal Kombat Ecks is a fucking thing) is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 and PC. And if it’s a timed exclusive, Capcom sure as shit isn’t saying so.

Two Japanese juggernauts, Sony and Capcom, joining forces makes a sobering kind of sense. Sony isn’t just dumping money onto the project like a Porsche driving Hollywood producer blowing through red lights on their way to a strip club. They’re actually assisting in development, ensuring SFV is a lean, mean, Hadoken firing machine on their console.

Sony’s own Adam Boyes insists the PS4 is the only console you’ll ever see Street Fighter V on, and if that truly remains a solemn fact, it’s a serious blow to Microsoft. A Focus Punch even. To go without the most popular fighting game franchise of all time? Goddamn. Let’s just say Killer Instinct Season Two ain’t where the thunder is.

PC people have a lot more to smile about, though. Not only are they getting the game at launch but they’ll be able to enact a Put Up or Shut Up policy against console players thanks to cross-play between the PS4 and PC. It’s a beautiful coalescence where two warring factions can finally come together and smack the stupid out of each other.

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