Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season Three Announced at SDCC If...

Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season Three Announced at SDCC

If you’re a fan of big budget superhero movies and giant monsters, this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, as expected, delivered. But it’s those unexpected surprises that turn out to be the best treats.

One such treat was the confirmation made by Telltale co-founder Kevin Bruner that, yes indeed, a third season of their heart-punching adventure game The Walking Dead is underway.

Even with Season Two just barely into its finale, the soon-to-be-released “No Going Back,” the series massive success has guaranteed a return to the studio’s comic-adapted apocalypse. As with any good confirmation, we have absolutely no details on Season Three – no characters, no story info, no date.

The project joins Telltale’s growing catalog of upcoming episodic games including Tales From the Borderlands, a joint undertaking along with Gearbox Software, and Game of Thrones, a title that draws inspiration from the best genre show in television history this side of Firefly.

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