The Amazing Spider-Man Game Gets a New Date and a New Dub...

The Amazing Spider-Man Game Gets a New Date and a New Dub

Spider-Dub?  I feel like we just had a conversation about this.  I guess game marketing teams figure we must think that if there isn’t dub-step, it’s probably not a trailer.  They’re conditioning us.  There will be a point where the consumer won’t even look up for an ad until they hear a wub wub.  Ech, staying current made me say wub.

Breaking away from our soon-to-be dub-doom, get a load of that June 26th date for Beenox’s new webspin.  Beating the film’s release by a week, we’re treated to a narrative sequel that picks up Spidey’s rebooted trials and super tribulations in video game form.  This trailer doesn’t quite tingle my fanboy sense given that Rhino has been a consistently bland mainstay in Spider-Man games of yore, yet I still think Beenox has a real treat hidden away with The Amazing Spider-Man that you have to play to get a feel for.

Last generation’s Spider-Man 2 had a rush of playability that no amount of trailers or screenshots could convey, and Beenox’s Shattered Dimensions often conjured that same feeling in me.  My prime concern is the movie tie-in weighing down the developer’s vision, but I have faith Beenox will come out swinging with gangly, teenaged, superpowered fists.

Expect the webslinger on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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