The Last of Us Box Art Revealed Alongside Pre-order Bonuses This...

The Last of Us Box Art Revealed Alongside Pre-order Bonuses

This weekend Naughty Dog gifted us a brand new Last of Us trailer to gawk at as well as announcing what we’ve all been waiting for; a May 7th release date (you may have been waiting for just a release date, I was waiting specifically for a May 7th release date).

Today, we now get a good, hard look at the game’s box art (the pretty images above) and are also privy to the bonuses in store for those that pre-order the title.  Participating retailers are handing out a voucher for the “Sights & Sounds Pack” which includes:

  • The official soundtrack for the game
  • A fancy PS3 theme
  • Two avatars featuring our protagonists

Not to be outdone by those silly peasant retailers, however, Gamestop is offering both the “Sights & Sounds Pack” and the exclusive “Survival Pack” which leans harder on providing extras for the game’s multiplayer.  Your online characters will be decked with:

  • Bonus XP
  • Special customizable items
  • Extra in-game currency
  • A melee attack booster
  • And, as a bonus, Joel and Ellie receive additional skins (once you beat the game, that is)

Funny enough, I’m more grateful for the soundtrack thrown in than any of the multiplayer frills (truthfully – shame on me and my shit journalism – I wasn’t even aware the game had multiplayer).  ‘Course, I might change my tune if the multiplayer turns out to be as amazing as the single-player campaign looks.

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